an bang beach

Cham Island

Cham Island: there are 3 options you can choose, but the best way is to book the tour with Cham Island Diving center. They will pick you up at 8:30AM in the morning and drop you off around 5:30PM. Please ask the receptionist for their brochure and we can book it for you, so the tour guide will know where to pick you up.

The second option is just book the transfer to Cham Island from Cua Dai port which is about 200,000 VND each way per person, and remember to book a ticket to come back.

Another option is to go with the local boat. Please note that this option is only good for those who prefer to stay overnight as this boat takes 1 and a half hours each way, they leave around 8:30AM and come back around 1:30PM. This is their only times, so for a day trip would only allow you 3 hours on the island.