an bang beach


Cham Island

Cham Island: there are 3 options you can choose, but the best way is to book the tour with Cham Island Diving center. They will pick you up at 8:30AM in the morning and drop you off around 5:30PM. Please ask the receptionist for their brochure and we can book[…]

My Son Sanctuary

My Son Sanctuary: 50 km from our homestay. We can book with a travel agency, but you can easily do this trip on your own, too. Travel agencies generally leave Hoi An at 9AM and come back around 1PM.      If you would like to book a private car it[…]

Cham Museum in Da Nang

Cham Museum in Da Nang: in the central of Da Nang by the river. Can combine with Da Nang Asia Park and Dragon Bridge performance in same trip.                

Monkey Mountain

Monkey Mountain about 25 km further from Marble Mountain. You can visit both on the same day/trip.

Marble Mountain

Marble Mountain: only 15km from our homestay. It is nice for hiking, visiting caves and temple.

Thanh Ha Pottery Village

Thanh Ha Pottery Village: 7km from our homestay, you can try to make some pottery yourself as a souvenir.

Tra Que Vegetable Village

Tra Que Vegetable Village is about 1km from our homestay. Bicycle (free) or motorbike is good options to get there.                

Cam Thanh Village

♦ Cam Thanh Water coconut Palm from us 7km, the best option is renting a motorbike.  

Hoi An old town

Hoi An old town is the first spot you must see and it is most beautiful at night time. The night market in Nguyen Hoang street open from 4PM to 10:30PM. If you want to buy something, feel free to engage in friendly bargaining to get the most reasonable price.[…]

Beach Activities

If you are interested in seeing our beach at sunrise time, go to the beach around 5:45 AM in the morning. This is the perfect time to see fishermen on the basket boats coming back from the ocean. Help them to push the basket boat, they will very much appreciate[…]